"Yes, we do!" You can find it [[here|http://blog.kevmo314.com/]]!\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
"What would you like to see next?" Kevin asks.\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
You follow Kevin to a small room off to the side of the atrium.\n\n"This is my office. It's small, but cozy."\n\nThere are a number of [[awards]] adorning the wall. On his desk, you see a stack of resumes and a computer. You're not sure why he keeps a stack of resumes on his desk if he owns a company, but it's best not to ask such things.\n\n[[Return to the Atrium]]
You follow Kevin through a set of glass doors into a forest of computers and people yelling into phones.\n\n"Our economics division manages our business operations here. At one point in time, we wanted to be traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading commodities, but nowadays, floor trading is being phased out to electronic trading. Still fun, but not as exciting for us."\n\nIt looks like there are a lot of simulated trading pits around this wing.\n\n"Right now, we're working with a neuroeconomics lab doing decision research at University of Chicago. It's pretty interesting, definitely out of our area of expertise, but we enjoy learning about new things," Kevin excitedly states.\n\nAfter looking around, you follow Kevin back out the double doors and into the atrium again.\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
It's a plant.\n\n<<display "Reception actions">>
It's a CTA bus ticket. It probably doesn't have any value left. You leave it on the ground.\n\n[[Go Back|Start]]
A bus stop is next to you, nothing fancy, just a bus stop sign with the route listed. There's a [[bus ticket]] on the ground.\n\nYou ask a passerby if they know of a Kevin Wang, and he responds, "Yep, just [[go straight into that building|Reception]], he should be at the front desk." The stranger continues walking on his way while whistling a familiar [[Owl City song|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM1YMeDsc-M]]. The catchy song starts to make its way into your head, but you focus at the task at hand and try to figure out what to do next.\n
[["Can you show me your office?"|Office]]\n[["Do you have a blog?"|Blog]]\n[["What projects are you working on?"|Projects]]\n[["Tell me more about your physics division"|Physics]]\n[["Tell me more about your computer science division"|Computer Science]]\n[["Tell me more about your economics division"|Economics]]\n[["Tell me more about your math division"|Mathematics]]\n[[Look at the business card|business card]]\n
The awards on the wall are:\n\n* International Collegiate Programming Competition Qualifier\n* Mid-Central ACM Regional Programming Competition First Place\n* Intel International Science Fair Finalist\n* Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition 53rd Place\n* National AP Scholar with Distinction\n* National Merit Scholarship Finalist\n* North American Computational Linguistics Finalist\n* Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology Regional Finalist\n* United States of America Computing Olympiad Gold Division\n* United States Physics Olympiad Semifinalist\n\n[[Return to the Atrium]]
"Could I get a tour of your facilities?" you ask.\n\n"Sure, I'd be happy to take you around KevCo!"\n\nHe hands you his [[business card]] before beginning the tour. You follow Kevin through a set of automatic doors into a giant atrium with four large wings. The atrium is impressive in its size, drawing a lot of natural light into a very sleek, modern design. The floors appear to be freshly waxed and spotless. It feels like an airport, just without the airplanes.\n\n"Here at KevCo, we do research in a wide variety of fields, mostly whatever interests us. Each of the wings you see here is a different division of our company. We have an economics division that handles all the business of the company, a small math division that does some theoretical research, a physics division that builds and tests new parts, and a computer science division that helps manage all the computers and networking between researchers."\n\n"Why do you have so many divisions?" you ask.\n\nHe responds, "We like to apply our skills across different divisions. Even though we separate the divisions, they all help each other overcome problems that they're working on."\n\n"Where does your revenue come from?"\n\n"That's a good question."\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
The automatic doors open as you approach the front door and you walk in. At the front desk, you find a receptionist sitting at the desk. "Hi, welcome to KevCo, how can I help you today?" he asks.\n\n"I'm looking for a Kevin Wang, where can I find him?"\n\n"Oh, that would be me! What can I do for you?"\n\n<<display "Reception actions">>
"Our math department is a little empty, there's not much in there to see at the moment. We took 53rd in the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition back in high school, but math is more of a hobby than a pursuit of ours here."\n\n"Have you done anything else special with math?"\n\n"Not really, but it definitely piques our curiosity a lot."\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
The business card seems to be made of wood. Interesting.\n\nOn it is written:\n\nKevin Wang, KevCo\nChicago, IL\n[[kevmo314@gmail.com|mailto:kevmo314@gmail.com]]\n[[(248) 327-3647|tel:2483273647]]\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
"I don't have much time, could I just get a copy of your resume?" you ask.\n\n"Sure, [[here you go|https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9I7VaflWbOmOC1RTHRJSEU5dzA/view?usp=sharing]]!"\n\n<<display "Reception actions">>
There are a couple [[plants in the corner]], and a [[door leading inside]]. You can [[ask for a tour]] or if you're in a hurry, [[ask for Kevin's resume]].
"Ah, yes the physics wing! This wing is my personal favorite."\n\nYou follow Kevin through a set of double glass doors into a giant warehouse. It looks a lot like an airplane hangar.\n\n"A lot of the time, it feels like we're doing engineering instead of physics, but a lot of the theoretical stuff is interesting to us too! Unfortunately, job prospects are really small, so it's strictly academic."\n\nKevin looks a bit disappointed, yet optimistic.\n\n"It would be really cool to be able to work on a high energy physics project," Kevin states.\n\nAfter looking around, you follow Kevin back out the double doors and into the atrium again.\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
It might not be a good idea to wander around unattended.\n\n<<display "Reception actions">>
"We have quite a few that we're working on and have finished in the past. You can find them all on our giant projects whiteboard over there," says Kevin.\n\nYou walk over to the whiteboard and it lists off a number of projects.\n\n''[[Can I Graduate?|http://canigraduate.uchicago.edu/]]''\nAngularJS, March 2014\n* A dependency resolution project to make picking classes and fulfilling graduation requirements easier.\n\n''[[PyExcelerate|https://github.com/kz26/PyExcelerate]]''\nPython, April 2013\n* A python Excel library focused on speed.\n\n''[[The Chicago Maroon|http://chicagomaroon.com/]]''\nWordpress, August 2011\n* University of Chicago's student newspaper website, rewritten to be maintainable by implementing widely-used technologies for journalism.\n\n''[[LastFM Song Recommendation Tool|http://lastfm.kevmo314.com/]]''\njQuery, 2010\n* Song recommendations based on the closest vertices to the user's listening component.\n\n''[[Matching Preclusion and Conditional Matching Preclusion Problems for Twisted Cubes|http://authors.library.caltech.edu/23511/1/Bhaskar2010p13604Congr._Numer.pdf]]''\nPublished in Congressus Numerantium, May 2010\n\n''[[Finding Efficient Shellsort Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms|shellsort.pdf]]''\n* Presented at Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology and at Intel Interational Science and Engineering Fair.\n\nKevin mentions to you that if you'd like further details, feel free to [[contact him|business card]].\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>
"Sure! Follow me to the computer science wing," says Kevin as you follow him through another set of automatic glass doors.\n\nHe explains, "Our computer science division is more of a hobby for us, we just enjoy tinkering with various technologies. Most notably, we're really interested in algorithms and data structures."\n\nYou see banners for different computer science competitions, with people training underneath them.\n* [[International Collegiate Programming Contest|http://news.uchicago.edu/article/2012/11/21/computer-programming-team-advances-world-finals-again]]\n* [[Project Euler|http://projecteuler.net/progress=kevmo314]]\n* [[TopCoder|http://community.topcoder.com/tc?module=MemberProfile&cr=22752578]]* [[Codeforces|http://codeforces.com/profile/kevmo314]]\n\n"We also used to do the [[USA Computing Olympiad|http://ace.delos.com/DEC09results]], but that's just a high school competition. Algorithms are a lot of fun, and helping out on [[Stack Overflow|http://stackoverflow.com/users/86433/kevmo314]] is a good way for us to share that."\n\n"What languages are you familiar with?"\n\n"We're familiar with Java, PHP, C#, Python, Javascript, CSS, C/C++, Matlab, Stata, and more. We learn pretty quickly."\n\n"Who have you worked with in the past?"\n\n"We worked with the [[Chicago Mercantile Exchange|http://cmegroup.com]] doing research in distributed computing. That was a lot of fun! You should take a look at our projects wall back in the atrium."\n\nAfter looking around, you follow Kevin back out the double doors and into the atrium again.\n\n<<display "Tour actions">>